Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Unit 3 - Assignment 1 (Helpful Tips)

To help with your Assignment 1 you each wrote down things you are finding helpful and not helpful. Use the tips below to help plan your assignment:

Not helpful :(
Getting angry because you can’t find the answers
Expecting the answer to be there ready for you
Going all the way to a partnership only to find that the person wanted to be emailed
Searching on Google for the full question – i.e. writing “What is the purpose of the partnership” in the search bar.
Avoiding doing the task
Looking up lots and lots of information – much of it did not help!

Helpful :)

Realising that the answer don’t come to you straight away!
Finding out what the organisation does and then trying to answer the questions
Calling people and emailing them felt useful
Call people to ask for an interview time or email address
Break down the question and Google smaller parts of it
Organise your activities in your log – it means you know where to start without having to ask all the time
Look at big documents and downloads – although the answers are not immediately obvious there is a lot of helpful information in there.